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1840-O 10C NO DRAPERY Seated Dime NGC

[1840-O 10C NO DRAPERY Seated Dime NGC: Front Picture]
[1840-O 10C NO DRAPERY Seated Dime NGC: Back Picture]
Coin Info
Coin Denom:03230 Dimes
Coin Country:United States
Coin Composition:Silver
Coin Grade:58
Coin Graded By:NGC
Coin Date: 1840
Coin ID100622
Price: $3249.00
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The dime underwent a design change in 1860. The Liberty Seated motif was retained on the obverse, but the stars were removed, and in their place, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, formerly on the reverse, was added.

Obverse: The basic obverse design of the Seated Liberty coinage consisted of the figure of the goddess Liberty clad in a flowing dress and seated upon a rock. In her left hand, she holds a Liberty pole surmounted by a Phrygian cap, which had been a pre-eminent symbol of freedom during the movement of Neoclassicism (and in fact traces its roots back to Ancient Greece and Rome). Although it had fallen out of favor in Europe by 1830, Neoclassicism remained in vogue in the United States until after the American Civil War. Liberty's right hand rested on the top corner of a striped shield with a diagonal banner inscribed with the word "LIBERTY." The shield represented preparedness in the defense of freedom. The date of the coin appeared on the bottom below Liberty.

Reverse: The basic reverse design of Seated Liberty coins depended on the denomination. The size of half dimes and dimes necessitated a smaller array of elements. On these coins, the reverse consistently featured a wreath around the words "HALF DIME" or "ONE DIME". Before 1860, this wreath consisted of laurel leaves, a traditional Neoclassical image, but beginning that year, the wreath was enlarged and was filled not only with leaves, but also traditional American agricultural products, such as corn and wheat. On quarter, half dollars, and silver dollar coins, the reverse featured a central eagle about to take flight, with a striped shield upon its breast. The eagle clutched an olive branch of peace in its right talons and a group of arrows in its left talons. Above the eagle around the rim were the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and below the eagle around the rim lay the coin denomination. Beginning in 1866 the coins featured a ribbon with the motto "In God We Trust" above the eagle.

10c Seated Liberty Dime:

Category: Liberty Seated Half Dime (1837-1873)
Designer: Christian Gobrecht
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 2.67g
Diameter: 17.90mm
Edge: Reeded

Six different design variations

Type 1: 1837-1838 Liberty Seated, No Stars Type
Type 2: 1838-1840 Liberty Seated, No Drapery Type
Type 3: 1840-1860 Liberty Seated, With Stars Type
Type 4: 1853-1855 Liberty Seated, Arrows at Date Type
Type 5: 1860-1873, 1875-1891 Liberty Seated, Legend Obverse Type
Type 6: 1873-1874 Liberty Seated, Arrows at Date Type

10c Seated Liberty Dime Interest:

1874 CC Seated Liberty Dimeone in certified mint state could be worth as much as $115,000. 1873 CC Seated Liberty Dime in certified mint state could be worth as much as $62,000.

Item ID: 11609
Unit ID: 100622

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