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Numismatic Professionals: A Precious Metals & Investment Quality Rare Coin Dealer

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We're Buying Coins

We're Buying Rare Coins!

We can pay more than most dealers because we have so many serious collectors and investors knocking down our door to buy, we’re barely keeping up with the demand in this RED-HOT Gold & Silver Market!

We need everything including:

  • Rare Investment Coins
  • NGC Certified U.S., World, and Ancient Coins
  • PCGS Certified U.S. and World Coins
  • CAC Certified U.S. Coins
  • U.S. Proof Sets
  • U.S. Mint Sets
  • ALL U.S. Gold Coins
  • ALL U.S Silver Coins
  • Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion
  • Rolls, Sets, and Bags.

We have to spend $1 million a month just to keep up with the orders we’re getting from our client base.

We’ll travel anywhere in the United States for large accumulations, collections or hoards.

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We hear this quite often from rare collectors, dealers, and even from Estate attorneys.

So why do they choose Numismatic Professionals for their "quick-sale" needs?

For the same reasons you should!

We have millions of dollars available at any moment. We buy big collections and small collections and even single coins.
We’ll pay instantly for your collection or holdings.

James Digeorgia, Editor, Gold & Energy Advisor
James DiGeorgia,
Gold & Energy Advisor

James DiGeorgia, the firm’s founder has been involved in Numismatics since 1965. He’s a world renowned author, lecturer, and numismatist that has bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in rare coins. He’s an expert’s expert.

Unlike many rare coin firms, we don't have a large staff. This means we’re not weighted down with a huge overhead. As a result, we can always afford to pay top dollar.

Many Numismatic Professionals purchases from collectors and Estates are the result of unsolicited references from past and present customers. They're putting their own reputations on the line as well as mine when they tell their friends: "I was treated great when I dealt with James DiGeorgia and Numismatic Professionals and I'm sure you will be, too."


Over the years we have handled the purchase of hundreds of collections from the public, and along the way, we've worked out the kinks of coin buying. We know how to handle our end of the deal, whether it involves traveling to your city, meeting with you in our office or at a coin show, or purchasing your coins by mail.

We’re ready to make every transaction as smooth as silk.

If you're almost convinced that James Digeorgia is the person to do business with and you would like some references, he'll be thrilled to provide them for you.

Numismatic Professionals is located in Boca Raton, Florida, less than twenty-five minutes from two major airports. For large collections, we can be on your doorstep in a matter of hours. And of course, every transaction is strictly confidential

Bank Wires, Certified Checks, the funds are available NOW!

Call us today

Why is Numismatic Professionals so successful in buying so many coins?

  • Because James DiGeorgia and Numismatic Professionals has established an impeccable reputation throughout the industry for paying the highest prices, conducting ourselves in an honest, professional manner, and for making immediate payment.
  • Because we buy everything from common coins to ultra-rarities.
  • Because no deal is too big for us to handle.
  • Because we have the expertise to buy any and all, numismatics items and never have to "guess low just to be safe."
  • Because our clients know that all transactions are held in the strictest confidence at all times.
  • Because we buy old-time estates that haven't seen the light of day for generations, or collections that were assembled in recent years.
  • Because I'll buy a single rarity or a truckload of modern issues.

We also know that numismatic holdings sometimes need to be sold immediately. It's tax time, there's an unexpected illness in the family, the customer has a great opportunity elsewhere and needs cash... the possibilities are endless.

We can usually get together with you in 72 hours or less. Frequently the transaction can take place the same day. Here is how most numismatic transactions take place:

  • We can visit you personally. Large collections, estates and holdings can be done on a one-on-one basis in your home, office or financial institution.
  • You can come to see us. Many of our clients have dealt with me for years, and they know they're always welcome at our offices. When you make an appointment with us it means that you and your coins will receive our absolute undivided attention.
  • We can do the transaction by mail. A number of potential sellers are worried about sending their coins through the mail, but there is nothing to worry about! In fact, over 80% of all of our coin purchases are done by mail, and with the overnight mail services available today, many of our clients have the money in hand in less than 72 hours.

It's important to remember that we really want to buy your coins. You'll never hear such words as: "I'm not buying those right now," or "I'm overstocked on that item, so we can't pay the usual price."