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[ANA Logo]

American Numismatic Association
The ANA is a non-profit, educational organization chartered by Congress and is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals. It was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community. With about 28,000 members, the ANA is the largest numismatic organization of its kind in the world.



[ANS Logo]

American Numismatic Society
Since 1858 the ANS has been dedicated to advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures as historical and artistic documents. It maintains a numismatic collection and library by supporting scholarly research and publications, and by sponsoring educational and interpretive programs for diverse audiences.



[CSNA Logo]

California State Numismatic Association
California State Numismatic Association is a state-wide organization dedicated to the promotion of serious Numismatic studies, endeavoring to bring to the collecting fraternity special items of interest and fundamental information. CSNA sponsors semi-annual Conventions and coin shows.



[CSN Logo]

Central States Nusmatic Society
The Central States Numismatic Society, founded in 1939, is one of the larger numismatic organizations in the United States with membership fluctuating around 2,000. CSNS, as it is known informally, operates in a 13-state Midwestern region but membership is open to residents of all states and foreign countries. CSNS sponsors two conventions yearly.

[FUN Logo]

Florida United Numismatists
FUN is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and enrichment of the numismatic hobby, especially in Florida. FUN has grown since its beginnings in 1955 to become one of the largest regional organizations in the United States serving the hobby. Their membership is international.

[ICTA Logo]

Industry Council for Tangible Assets
ICTA is the national trade association representing the rare coin, precious metals, and tangible assets industry in Washington, D.C. since 1983.

[MSNA Logo]

Maryland State Numismatic Association
MSNA is the state organization for clubs and collectors in Maryland. Each year MSNA sponsor's a major coin show and an educational forum.



[BEP Logo]

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
The BEP is the largest producer of security documents in the United States. The BEP produces over 9 billion Federal Reserve notes each year. These notes are produced at facilities in Washington, D.C. and Ft. Worth, Texas. In addition, the BEP produces over 20 billion postage stamps. They have been the largest suppler of postage stamps to the U.S. Postal Service for over 100 years. They also produce miscellaneous security documents for other government agencies.



[US Mint Logo]

The U.S. Mint
Created by Congress on April 2, 1792, the United States Mint is the world's largest manufacturer of coins, medals, and coin-based consumer products.