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Stabilize Your Financial Security!

[Picture: Liberty silver]

Numismatic Professionals can show you how to take control of your retirement future by making precious metals part of your Individual Retirement Account

Numismatic Professionals and Equity Trust Company would like to introduce you to an exceptional opportunity that can help you diversify and stabilize your financial security with precious metals. As the world standard cornerstone of retaining long term value -- a distinction that has been retained for thousands of years -- Gold, Platinum and Silver coins, other precious metals and bullion may very well be the ultimate retirement asset.

We have been educated to look at and construct our retirement planning through programs that use traditional investments, such as public mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, limited partnerships and bank CDs that are directly influenced by an unstable dollar and volatile world economy.

Precious Metals have maintained their long-term value, are not directly affected by economic policies, do not rely on the performance of another institution for current or future value and they do not rely on a promise to pay. The tangible precious metal itself is the valued secured asset.

James DiGeorgia, editor of the “Gold and Energy Advisor” and author of “The New Bull Market in Gold”, emphatically believes that you must have at least 15% of your retirement savings in hard tangible gold, platinum, and silver assets.

Numismatic Professionals offers an effective way to invest annual IRA funds, "transfer" existing IRAs with banks, credit unions, stock brokerage firms or other financial service providers or an existing IRA can be “rolled over” directly to Equity Trust Company for inclusion in a precious metals program. Investors may now have a self-directed IRA custodian who is very familiar with the requirements of trading precious metals, storing them in a secured custody, assigning values for IRS reporting purposes, and administering the paperwork and regulations.

[Picture: Liberty gold]

Investment professionals agree that an investment portfolio should be diversified. Of all the options that investors have available to them, gold and other precious metals stand out as the ultimate portfolio diversifier, to move independently of other investments and key economic indicators, to offset market fluctuations and reduce the volatility of the overall portfolio. Numismatic Professionals offers you the unique opportunity of personally supervising by what means your portfolio will be structured and diversified. You are welcome to personally work with a knowledgeable Numismatic Professionals IRA Representative and determine what tangible precious metals best personalize your portfolio needs and goals.

The time is now to take back control of your retirement future!

Approved precious metals investments

Gold Silver Platinum
American Eagle coins American Eagle coins American Eagle coins
Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins Australian Kookaburra coins Australian Koala coins
Austrian Philharmonic coins Canadian Maple Leaf coins Canadian Maple Leaf coins
Canadian Maple Leaf coins Mexican Libertad coins Isle of Man Noble coins

Once you have selected the Precious Metals to be included in your IRA - What Happens to Your Portfolio?

Equity Trust Company has chosen a specialized precious metals depository for the storage of metals belonging to IRA clients. The depository offers a secure safekeeping service and provides easy access for the physical delivery of precious metals.

When precious metals are shipped to the depository, the shipment will be opened in order to inspect the contents. After inspection, the contents will be deposited into your account.

[Picture: Liberty silver]

Gold, Platinum, and Palladium coins and bars (excluding 100oz Gold Bars, 50oz Platinum Bars, and 100oz Palladium Bars) are repackaged after verification and stored separately (Your coins are not commingled with any other coins). This ensures that you will receive the exact materials that were deposited when you decide to sell, exchange, or take an in-kind distribution (take personal possession of the material) of the precious metal.

Silver Coins and Bars (excluding 1,000oz Silver Bars) are commingled. While you will not receive the same material as was deposited when you decide to sell, exchange, or take an in-kind distribution of the metal, a coin of the same year will be provided to you.

The depository will generate a confirmation and forward to Equity Trust Company upon receipt of any coins delivered on behalf of Equity Trust Company account holders. In addition, Equity Trust Company will follow-up with the depository and/or the coin broker/dealer if confirmation of delivery is not received by Equity Trust Company. After receiving confirmation that the precious metals have been deposited, the metals will be appropriately keyed into your personal account at Equity Trust Company.

The account executives at Numismatic Professionals are dedicated to personally working with you and will actually listen to what you say about your individual portfolio requirements. Together, we can develop a personalized investment plan in precious metals that will suit your individual needs. Should you have any questions about the advantages of diversifying your IRA with a precious metals portfolio, please contact our knowledgeable Numismatic Professionals IRA Service Representative at (866) 697- 4653 x1406 for a personal consultation.