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Rare Coin Market Update


12012-11-07 18:11:09Rare Coin Investing - An Coin Dealers OpinionJames DiGeorgia
22011-11-18 11:24:24Investing in Gold? Take Physical PossessionJames DiGeorgia
32011-12-01 11:29:39 Gold Scams and Get Rich Quick Email ScamsJames DiGeorgia
42011-12-19 11:33:30Take PHYSICAL Possession of your Gold and Silver PurchasesJames DiGeorgia
12012-03-21 11:35:08Why I Keep Warning Investors NOT To Store Their Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rare Coins with Dealers or Dealer Owned DepositoriesJames DiGeorgia
62012-03-30 11:36:57FTC Takes Action Against Bogus Precious Metals Investment Scheme James DiGeorgia
72012-04-24 11:38:44Seeking Rare Coins Quality - `Buy the coin, not the holder`James DiGeorgia
82012-05-03 11:41:43BEWARE CTGROUP Irvine California James DiGeorgia
102012-05-22 11:48:11Ancient Greek Rare CoinsJames DiGeorgia
112012-05-30 14:44:16Gold Storage Nightmare: Swiss Bank and Clients Missing Gold!James DiGeorgia
122012-06-01 14:46:06 Ancient Greek Coins Symbolism, Tremendous Rarity and Fascinating History!James DiGeorgia
132012-06-08 14:48:13I believe Numis Network business model is just another SCAM that will burn thousands of investors! James DiGeorgia
162013-02-25 15:11:17Rare U.S. and Ancient Coins are absolutely RED HOT! James DiGeorgia
172013-03-27 15:17:52Collectors, Investors and even Rare Coin Dealers, Falling Victim!James DiGeorgia
182013-04-23 18:52:23An Ancient Coins Storied Past of Betrayal and RevengeStaff
192013-05-20 17:25:29Bitcoins? - The Multi Billion Dollar BubbleJames DiGeorgia
212013-06-10 10:59:33Rare Coins - Buy, sell and trade with confidenceJames DiGeorgia
222013-07-18 13:02:53First State Depository, its owner, and his rare coin and precious metals firms' hammered by court decision.James DiGeorgia
232014-12-20 12:21:06Rare Coins Collectors ConnectionMichael London
242015-02-28 11:51:08Investing ...What Groucho Marx Taught Me? James DiGeorgia
252015-03-20 14:40:437 Important Rare Coin Buying or Selling Rules James DiGeorgia
262015-03-23 17:12:21Ancient Coins - Our Past is the Gateway through Which We Can See the Future Staff
272015-04-17 11:50:30Continental Currency Dollar - Benjamin Franklin Leaves Behind a Numismatic LegacyStaff
282015-05-13 15:19:58James DiGeorgia Speaks